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Ruf die Polizei!

Not to be alarmist, but with police troubles in the USA and the rest of the troubles around the world, this might be a good time to note that although the noun "the police" is always plural in English, the noun die Polizei is dealt with quite differently in German.



Die Polizei ermittelt wegen Hausfriedensbruch.

The police are investigating because of [criminal] trespassing.

Caption 12, Atomkraft - Streit um AKW-Laufzeiten

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Ruh dich aus, bis die Polizei kommt.

Relax until the police come.

Caption 15, Die Pfefferkörner - Eigentor

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Die Polizei sprach von hunderttausend Menschen.

The police spoke of one hundred thousand people.

Caption 4, Papst Benedikt - Erster Rücktritt eines Papstes in der Neuzeit

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In English, there is no singular for the noun "the police", but in the German die Polizei, there is no plural noun form. As you can see in the above examples: die Polizei ermittelt, die Polizei kommt, and die Polizei sprach, the conjugations of the verbs used reflect a singular noun.


Further Learning
Do a search for the noun Polizei on Yabla German and see the many examples of how this word is used in German in a real world context! 

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