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Stop the Exploitation!

In the latest installment of the Pfefferkörner television series, Themba is angry because he feels that the soccer match has been fixed, and he says:


Ich lass' mich jedenfalls für so was nicht benutzen.

In any case, I won't let myself be used for something like that.

Caption 22, Die Pfefferkörner - Eigentor

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The English verb "to use" can be defined as "exploiting someone to one's own advantage," and the German verb benutzen can be utilized in a similar context. The more direct German verb for "exploit" is ausbeuten, in its adjectival form ausgebeutet:


Mittelfristig will ich, dass wir eine vernünftige Infrastruktur kriegen, in der wir weniger ausgebeutet werden.

Mid-term, I want us to get a sensible infrastructure in which we'll be exploited less.

Captions 28-29, Rhein-Main-TV aktuell - Occupy Frankfurt

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So let's hope that instead of being used (benutzt) or exploited (ausgebeutet) that we all are properly appreciated (geschätzt) for what we are:


Das wird vor allem von den jüngeren Gästen geschätzt.

This is especially appreciated by the younger guests.

Caption 41, Reiseland Deutschland - Vielfalt im Herzen Europas

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